EOLIS Air Manager enhances your employees’ well-being by allowing them to work in a healthy and productive environment and thus reduces the rate of absenteeism.

Did you know?

  • Better air quality leads to 11% greater productivity.
  • Absenteeism caused by poor air quality costs companies €440/employee/year.


Many different sources of pollution can be found in offices:

Many different sources of pollution can be found in offices


Chemical pollutants of internal origin:

  • VOCs
  • odours
  • smoke
  • building materials
  • cleaning products

Biological pollutants:

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • dust
  • pollen

Chemical pollutants of external origin:

  • exhaust fumes / toxic gases




Work performance

A room offering good air quality leads to a high level of satisfaction among its occupants: more than 85%.

If the quality of air is below par, the room’s occupants will be more prone to discomfort such as:

  • concentration problems, headaches, etc.
  • irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory passages
  • skin rashes

The accumulation of these symptoms often results in an increase in sick leave and compromised work performance.


Why install EOLIS Air Manager at your offices?

Our professional EOLIS Air Manager range helps you to eliminate the various sources of pollution in your workplace.

Eliminate air pollution from your workplace thanks to EOLIS Air Manager


Your workplace purified within 1 hour
Protects the health of employees and visitors
Enhanced work performance
A lower rate of absenteeism