Sustainable development has been a hot topic over the past years. We are a key player in the area of air quality, and it would be unthinkable for our team not to pay attention to the environmental impact of the products we place on the market.


We are located close to Nantes and strive to foster and showcase the know-how of companies in the Pays de la Loire region and surrounding area. For example, we work with a Nantes-based designer, our plastics are processed in Ile-et-Vilaine, and integration takes place in Vendée, which means that 80% of each device is locally designed.


Products are designed in a way that limits their environmental impact all throughout their life cycle. We are assisted in this process by a firm specialising in eco-design. The choices we have made have enabled us to limit the energy consumption of our devices, choose lower-energy raw materials, extend the lifespan of our machines, etc.


The EOLIS AIR MANAGER products have been designed for maximum recyclability. This way, the various parts can be separated and the components can be sorted for optimum recycling. Protecting the environment is a major commitment for the NatéoSanté team.


The NatéoSanté team has developed EOLIS AIR MANAGER to make it sustainable. At NatéoSanté no programmed obsolescence. The devices are designed to accompany you as long as possible. We are committed to making major parts of our devices available in case of malfunction. The monitoring software developed allows to detect any problem and to correct it instantly.