Air purification solutions

Natéosanté: a comprehensive range of services* to support you

When you choose NatéoSanté Service Solutions, you are sure to benefit from recognised expertise and know-how covering the entire value chain of indoor air purification.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

For a reliable assessment, Natéosanté provides you with:

A complete sampling kit with simple, detailed instructions for use within everyone’s reach
A technician who travels to your premises to take measurements and samples that are then sent to an independent laboratory.
A clear and detailed analysis report
Training to help you better understand your environment and the challenges of IAQ.

Customised study

In order to determine the most suitable solution, our experts are at your disposal to:

Undertake a comprehensive study of your needs based on your business system, the layout of your building, and your issues.
Help you choose your equipment by providing you with all necessary technical information.
Refer you to the most suitable solutions that will fully satisfy you.


Our qualified technicians will install your equipment:

They will install, start up and configure every device, taking into account your needs.

They will train users on the operation of the device and give them a clear and detailed user guide.

Repairs and customer service

Our experts will repair your equipment:

Your devices are guaranteed for 3 years (parts and labour) with an option to extend the guarantee to 5 years.
In the event of a failure, they will be repaired as quickly as possible

Maintenance contract

For your convenience, NatéoSanté provides you with various maintenance contracts:

Service call by a technician to resolve your equipment failures and at the same time, undertake preventive maintenance of your device.
Telephone assistance by an expert technician
Remote assessment (valid only for the EOLIS range)