Facing problems of persistent odours and particles in air, podiatrists are affected by the materials required to do their work. Fumes can be harmful to their health and that of their patients.


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There are many sources of pollution in podiatry practices:


Discover the sources of air pollution in podiatry practicese


In contact with cork, rubber, PE, PU, EVA, solvents and adhesives such as neoprene used for the production of orthopaedic soles, the vast majority of podiatrists encounter problems of persistent odours in their workshops. These also invade the various areas of their practices (waiting room, consultation room). Use of these products, which are harmful to their health and that of their patients, who are often annoyed by the odours released in the practice, requires deep air treatment.



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The workshop: The workshop is the smallest and most confined room of the practice. It is often much smaller than the other rooms and sometimes does not have a source of fresh air. It therefore requires special attention.

Equipez la salle d'examen pour le confort de vos patients

The consultation room: The consultation room is often adjacent to the workshop and is sometimes poorly insulated. You should therefore pay attention to it for the comfort of your patients.

The waiting room welcomes all of the patients a podiatrist examines over the course of a day. This makes it one of the main sites of infection that should be continuously monitored and cleaned so as to not spread diseases and avoid the risk of secondary infection in another patient.

Air purification solutions for podiatrists

While the hygiene precautions to be taken in a medical practice seem essential, this does not mean it is easy to maintain a healthy space all day long. Furthermore, the solutions currently offered by suppliers for the profession do not effectively eliminate the pollution, in particular odours, experienced by patients (extractor hoods, ability to release air to the outdoor environment, but no solutions for deeply treating indoor air).


Why install a NatéoSanté air purifier in your workshop?

NatéoSanté has teamed up with podiatrists and offers effective air treatment solutions. Aware of the impact that air quality has on your health and that of your patients, and committed to providing each sector with a solution tailored to its needs, we have teamed up with your profession to provide you with solutions that meet your expectations.

  • Compact air purifier that can be placed in small workshops
  • Treated surface area ranging from 25 to 120 m2
  • Medical-grade filters
  • Silent devices
  • Low energy consumption


The rooms of your podiatry practice purified within 1 hour.
Protects the health of patients and employees

NatéoSanté Service Solutions

When you choose NatéoSanté Service Solutions, you are sure to benefit from recognised expertise and know-how covering the entire value chain of indoor air purification.