Many different sources of pollution can be found in medical practices:

The greatest risk of infectious contamination does not come from the doctor but from other patients.


Many different sources of pollution can be found in medical practices


Monitoring air quality in medical practices

The importance of indoor air quality in healthcare facilities is a growing concern due to changes in healthcare practices, the ageing of buildings, and the presence of vulnerable people.

While hygiene precautions may seem elementary when you are a healthcare professional, this does not mean it is easy to create and maintain a clean space all day long, particularly in the waiting room and consultation room.



The waiting room welcomes all of the patients a doctor examines over the course of a day. This makes it one of the main sites of infection that should be continuously monitored and cleaned so as to not spread diseases and avoid the risk of secondary infection in another patient.
Luttez à la prolifération des microbes grâce à la filtration de l'air dans votre salle d'examen.
The consultation room is also subject to contamination. It therefore requires special attention in terms of hygiene in order to combat:
– the spread of microbes, viruses and bacteria
– unpleasant odours, etc.



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