Professionals in daily contact with formaldehyde

During the course of their work, employees are exposed to many risks. Chemical risks should not be ignored, especially those that arise from using products made with formaldehyde (formalin or formic aldehyde). Formaldehyde is a powerful allergen that can cause respiratory sensitivity. It should be considered a potential carcinogen that justifies using effective ventilation during embalming treatments.


– eye irritation (stinging, conjunctivitis)
– nasal, throat and larynx stinging
– at higher concentrations, the eyes, skin and respiratory system feel burning sensations
irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory passages
allergic reactions such as rhinitis, asthma, urticaria and eczema


Absorption by inhalation is the main way embalmers are exposed.


Pollution sourc es in funeral areas are numerous

Reception area

The reception area is the place where employees and relatives of the deceased meet. It is the first impression the clients have of the establishment, so it must present a positive image (cleanliness, odours, etc.).

Viewing area

The viewing area is the place where the employees, the deceased and their relatives come together. Therefore, it must be especially well maintained and disinfected to remove any pollution sources, which could include:

  • microbiological risks due to microbe, virus and bacteria proliferation
  • unpleasant odours and more


The laboratory is the place most prone to contamination. It therefore requires special attention in terms of hygiene in order to combat:

  • microbiological risks due to microbe, virus and bacteria proliferation
  • unpleasant odours (formalin, etc.)
  • chemical substances (formalin, disinfection/maintenance products, etc.)

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Formaldehyde concentration divided by 5

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