Combating odour nuisances: an imperative for all

Résidents et personnels soignant d'un EHPAD


Eliminating unpleasant odours is a major challenge for assisted living facilities.
Unpleasant odours are related in particular to the incontinence of certain residents.
Residents, care staff and families/visitors at your facility are impacted.



Key figures:

  • 6000 assisted living facilities in mainland France.
  • 53,000 residents.
  • 85 years: the average age of residents.


Easy-to-use devices

  • Plugs into a standard outlet
  • Easily movable devices (lightweight or fitted with a handle)
  • Easy to use thanks to a touch screen


Built-in technologies to combat odour pollution:

  • Day to day, unpleasant odours are neutralised thanks to the activated carbon filter.
  • The photocatalysis function helps destroy odours.
  • The DEEP CLEAN function, providing deep treatment, helps eliminate all sources of pollution, including strong odours. It is the most effective solution for combating unpleasant odours in assisted living facilities.


Why equip your assisted living facility with air purifiers?

NatéoSanté provides you with ranges of professional air purifiers that will eliminate various sources of pollution from your assisted living facility.

Lutter contre les mauvaises odeurs dans vos établissement d'hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes

Your space purified within 1 hour
Well-being of residents, care staff and families/visitors
Enhanced work performance
A lower rate of absenteeism