Our laboratory-tested air purifiers

Test protocol

Test en laboratoire des Purificateurs d'air NatéoSanté

Tests are undertaken in a test bench designed for testing in accordance with the B44-013 standard.

The device is enclosed in a unit with a volume of 1.4 m3 (0.9*1.3*1.2).

Air temperature and humidity are measured in the chamber throughout the test.

Various sampling points are used to monitor various contaminants.

The purifier is tested with speed 2 activated and the UV lamp on.

Studied contaminants


  •    Acetaldehyde (C2H4O, CAS 75-07-0)
  •    Acetone (C3H6O, CAS 67-64-1)
  •    Heptane (C7H16, CAS 142-82-5)
  •    Toluene (C7H8, CAS 108-88-3)


Injected concentrations of these 4 compounds are calculated on an experimental basis by averaging the values obtained for 5 minutes before starting up the purifier.

Results for dust


The purifier remains effective even in a lightly loaded environment where particles are more difficult to trap.


Results for ozone emission


The air purifier does not generate ozone even when the photocatalysis function is activated.


Results for gases


The test ends when 90% of each pollutant has been removed.

The purification rate is calculated for this time period.