Various luxury hotels around the world have already tested and approved EOLIS Air Manager


Why do hotels choose EOLIS Air Manager?

  • Effectively eliminate unpleasant odours (tobacco, body odours, kitchen odours, etc.)
  • Increase the room occupancy rate (all rooms can be used)
  • Reduce textile cleaning frequencies (rugs, curtains, carpets, etc.) to save time and money
  • Provide your customers with clean air with a purification rate of over 99.99
  • Remove pathogenic bacteria



Many different sources of pollution can be found in hotels

Sources of air pollution in hotel rooms

Ideal monitoring software for hotels

The monitoring software developed by NatéoSanté is extremely easy to use. It provides you with real-time information about the air quality of every room and area of your hotels thanks to a dedicated monitoring screen. With the monitoring software, you will also be directly informed if there is a machine that requires maintenance or in the event of a malfunction.






3 options for using the monitoring software

The software can be directly used by the front desk staff of every hotel. This enables the front desk staff to provide every customer with a completely purified and clean room.

Ecran du logiciel de supervision de votre purificateur d'air

Your distributor can carry out maintenance operations for your hotel from their premises thanks to the monitoring software.
They can verify the proper functioning of the various EOLIS Air Manager devices in your hotel. Your distributor can also verify the actual use level of each device’s filters in order to anticipate filter replacements.

We can also access your EOLIS Air Manager devices directly from our agency in France whenever you or your distributor need customised assistance.