The EOLIS Air Manager range has been created, designed and manufactured in France. To equip your business premises, NatéoSanté provides you with French-quality air purifiers that showcase the know-how of local companies. NatéoSanté was determined to market a French-made device in keeping with the company’s values.


French innovation


EOLIS Air Manager, a 100% French-made smart, connected air purifierNatéoSanté, a key player in the area of air quality in France, relied on its recognised know-how and joined forces with specialist local partners to design the 100% French-made EOLIS Air Manager range.

Quality, excellence and expertise are what make EOLIS Air Manager the most powerful smart air purifier on the market. This cutting-edge technology that combines high-end filtration quality with monitoring software completely meets the new expectations and requirements of professionals.

Developed in partnership with local businesses, EOLIS Air Manager showcases the know-how of renowned French companies. It is made from raw materials selected for their technical properties and durability. Products are made in accordance with highly stringent quality standards and subject to a wide variety of laboratory tests.

For this project, NatéoSanté was supported on two occasions by ADEME with assistance from the Pays de la Loire Region and AIRBUS Group.




Made in France, Made in Pays de la Loire


Most of NatéoSanté’s partners are based not only in France but particularly in Pays de la Loire, the birthplace of EOLIS Air Manager. This is a way for the start-up to boost French industry and the regional economy.

This project owes its success to the excellence and commitment of air quality experts.

A purifier made in France and in Pays Pays de la Loire

When French-made products go international

Since 2013, the share of international sales has posted impressive performance, in particular on the Asian market, which is very keen on French know-how. International turnover currently accounts for over 30% of the company’s overall turnover. Expansion is gaining momentum in new geographic regions increasingly affected by levels of extreme pollution.


Choose French production to guarantee the air quality of your work spaces.