To meet demand on various markets, NatéoSanté created EOLIS Air Manager, a smart, connected and eco-designed filtration system that is made in France. It combines high-end filtration quality with monitoring software.

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video presenting the EOLIS Air Manager range of smart air purifiers.

EOLIS Air Manager supports its users from day to day. It allows them to effectively purify, analyse and control their indoor air quality in real time. With this range of innovative air purifiers, NatéoSanté ensures that all professionals benefit from optimum air quality in their facilities (schools, hotels, offices, crèches, medical practices, etc.).
With its power and its certified medical-grade filtration system, it eliminates 99.997% of particles, odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, smoke, gases, dust, etc.
Moreover, technology patented by NatéoSanté calculates the level of filter clogging in real time. The device is also fitted with sensors that can determine the level of pollution in a room, distinguishing between VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and fine particles (PM2.5) in the air. This allows the air purifier to automatically adapt to the room it is in.


EOLIS Air Manager, the first intelligent air filtration system: powerful, eco-designed, design, Made in France, connected and intelligent.


A touch screen to monitor air quality in real time

EOLIS Air Manager has a touch screen for controlling all the device’s functions (managing the purification speed, changing modes, viewing the log, managing settings, etc.). You can also monitor air quality and filter clogging in real time.


Presentation of the touch screen of EOLIS

Presentation of the real-time air quality indicator


The air quality indicator (VOCs & PM2.5) and data log give you accurate, real-time readings of levels of particles and VOCs in your building.




Presentation of the real-time air quality indicator


The filter service indicator accurately measures the clogging of your filters so that your air purifier is always in optimum working condition. The machine directly sends you a message when the filters need to be replaced.



The professional air purifier NatéoSanté treats the polluted air of your room

Extremely efficient French filtration

The filters make up the central component of the device. EOLIS Air Manager features a filtration system containing HEPA H13 or ULPA U15 medical-grade (EN 1822 certified) filters as well as a very high-density activated carbon filter.
EN1822 certification (European standard) attests to the filter’s quality. Every filter is hand-checked by an operator at the French plant where it is manufactured. Every filter has its own reference number for the sake of traceability and performance.


The filter unit of the EOLIS Air Manager range consists of different filters of French quality.

Our French filters thus remove 99.997% of particles (PM10, PM2.5), odours, VOCs, dust, bacteria, smoke, gases, etc.
Each purifier comes with 3 removable pre-filters.

This high-end purifier features a bactericidal, virucidal and acaricidal pre-filter.
Below you will find the list of micro-organisms treated with EOLIS Air Manager:


 Impact of EOLIS Air Manager, Made in France air purifier, on micro-organisms

A connected air purifier

Remote management of your air purifiers

Application on smartphone to remotely manage your air purifiers


Stay connected to EOLIS Air Manager all around the world thanks to the NatéoSanté application available for tablets and smartphones.
With this application, you can remotely monitor and control the activity of your air purifier, in real time.







Air purifier management for professionals

Presentation of the screen for the monitoring and management of EOLIS Air Manager air purifiers.

A highly advanced monitoring system has been developed: EOLIS Air Manager technology makes it easy for you to manage your various purifiers. It can be used to manage several EOLIS Air Manager devices.

For example, a school, assisted living facility or hotel director can view air quality information for every room in his/her building in real time. The system also facilitates the maintenance of every EOLIS Air Manager device (filter replacement alert, for example).






Watch this video presenting the EOLIS Air Manager start-up guide

Video presenting your professional air purifier: Eolis Air Manager


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