EOLIS Air Manager is your solution for complying with air quality monitoring regulations (decree no. 2011-1728) on benzene and formaldehyde in public establishments. Visit the ministry’s website for more information about the decree.
EOLIS Air Manager was tested by Tipee, an independent French laboratory, to evaluate its formaldehyde and benzene performance.

    • The test was conducted in the laboratory’s enclosed chamber.
    • The benzene and formaldehyde levels injected for the test were similar to those that could be encountered in public establishments exceeding the limit defined in the regulations on monitoring indoor air quality.


Test Protocol

Tipee’s operating method for evaluating air purifiers was designed based on the two following reference standards:

  • XP B44-200
  • XP B44-013

For the compounds tested, the following concentrations were generated at the beginning of the test:

  • 31.1 µg/m3 for benzene
  • 40.1 µg/m3 for formaldehyde

The test pollutants were continuously injected.

Air change inside the enclosure was set to 0.5 volume/hour, which represents the average air change generally encountered in dwellings.

The device is enclosed in a 1,000 L unit (1.5m*0.65m*1.02m).

The air purifier was tested under the following conditions:

  • speed 2 activated
  • UV lamp on.



Formaldehyde (Formol)

Result of the performance of EOLIS Air Manager on Formaldehyde (Formol)

After the EOLIS Air Manager purifier operated for 15 minutes, the formaldehyde (formol) concentration was reduced by a factor of five.

This result shows that the EOLIS Air Manager professional air purifier makes it possible to achieve the 30 μg/m3 guideline value for inside air currently in effect for public establishments that must monitor air quality.

It also makes it possible to attain the 10 μg/m3 indoor air guideline value that will come into effect on 1 January 2023 in establishments for children younger than six years of age.




Quantification Limit: Technically, it is impossible to measure formaldehyde (formol) concentrations below 8.5 µg/m3. EOLIS Air Manager attains this threshold in less than 15 minutes.



Performance of EOLIS Air Manager on Benzene


The purifier’s performance reduces benzene concentration

  • by 85% after operating for 15 minutes
  • and up to 95% after operating for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This evaluation of the EOLIS Air Manager’s purifying power showed its ability, within the test’s configuration, to reduce benzene concentration to a level below the 2 mg/m3 guideline value used for indoor air monitoring in public establishments.




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