EOLIS AIR MANAGER has been tested by the independent French Laboratory TIPEE to verify its performances on Formaldehyde and Benzene and complies with regulation effective in France on indoor air quality monitoring in schools and kindergartens (decree n°2011-1728B). 

Visit the ministry’s website for more information about the decree.


Test Protocol

The evaluation of the air purifier by TIPEE laboratory has been made in accordance with standards XP B44-200 & XP B44-013.

The concentration of each component generated was:

  • 31,1μg/m3 for benzene
  • 40,1μg/m3 for formaldehyde

Pollutants were injected continuously inside the testing rig.
The air renewal rate inside the enclosure was fixed at 0.5 volume/hour which is a typical average air renewal rate in houses.
The device was placed inside a 1000L capacity chamber (1.5m x 0.65m x 1.02m) and tested at speed 2 with UV lamps on.



Formaldehyde (Formol)

Result of the performance of EOLIS Air Manager on Formaldehyde (Formol)

With EOLIS Air Manager working for 15mn, the concentration of formaldehyde within the chamber was divided by 5.

This result demonstrates that the professional air purifier EOLIS Air Manager enables to reach the limit value of 30mg/m3 currently implemented in France by the regulation on indoor air quality monitoring in primary schools and kindergartens. It also enables to reach the limit value of 10 mg/m3 that will be implemented on 1st Jan 2023 in other schools and premises open to the public.

Limit of quantification: in the testing conditions, it was not possible to measure formaldehyde concentrations below 8.5 mg/m3. This limit was reached within 15mn.




Performance of EOLIS Air Manager on Benzene


The purifier performance enables to obtain a reduction from the initial benzene concentration of :

  • 85% in 15mn
  • over 95% after 1h30

These tests have demonstrated the capacity of EOLIS Air Manager to reduce benzene concentration below the level of 2mg/m3, which is the limit implemented in compliance with regulation effective in France on indoor air quality monitoring in schools, kindergartens and premises open to the public (decree n°2011-1728B).



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