What is hydrogen sulphide (H2S)?

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a colorless flammable and foul-smellling gas, which can be toxic in high concentrations. It is naturally found in oil, coal, natural gas and volcanic gases but can also be produced by industrial activities. Hydrogen sulfide is produced from the microbial breakdown of organic matter, and notably by decomposition of Green or Sargassum algae.


EOLIS Air Manager performance on hydrogen sulphide

The graph below shows the efficiency of EOLIS AIR MANAGER on hydrogen sulfide. After switching on EOLIS Air Manager, the H2S concentration is reduced by more than 50% in 10 minutes, decreasing from 0.56 ppm down to 0.27 ppm. After 3 hours of operation, the purification efficiency is around 80%.


EOLIS Air Manager performance report on hydrogen sulphide (H2S)

Test carried out with a EOLIS Air Manager 1200 S air purifier, fitted with a Perform + filter at speed 4 in a room of 15m3.



EOLIS Air Manager’s high quality filtration technologies allows the elimination of H2S from the surrounding air.


EOLIS AIR MANAGER Performance report on H2S