For our EOLIS Air Manager purifiers, we chose to use eco-design as a way of limiting the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycles.


Providing our customers with clean air without polluting the environment: a no-brainer for NatéoSanté!

Improving well-being and quality of life for our customers requires us to be environmentally responsible when manufacturing our products, so we chose emission-free materials that are easy to recycle as they are free of additives, paint, and glue.

By selecting high-quality components, we increase the durability of our products and we refuse to practice planned obsolescence. We make a commitment to providing replacement parts and filters throughout the entire life of our products.
As another part of our eco-design, we chose to have our products Made in France, helping us to limit their carbon footprint while also giving us the expertise of local partners who are well-regarded in their industries.
In everyday use, EOLIS Air Manager is low in energy consumption, which can also be optimised using the planner (adjusting energy use according to the specific challenges in each profession and environment) or using Activ’ mode (a smart operating mode that adapts the purifier’s operation to the levels of pollutants detected).

Because we try to be mindful of pollution in all its forms, EOLIS Air Manager is not a source of electromagnetic pollution (no waves emitted) and noise pollution is mitigated by its ultra-quiet operation and smart sound management to ensure your optimum comfort.

Proven to do be harmless

Our choice to use eco-design allows us to provide air purifiers that have no negative impact on their environment and do not add pollutants to the surrounding air.

EOLIS Air Manager do not add pollutants to the surrounding air


‘How can you purify the air without emitting pollutants?’

That’s a question every purifier manufacturer should be asking! However, contrary to what you might expect, not all air purifiers available on the market meet this basic criterion, as certain test reports have demonstrated.

That’s why NatéoSanté wanted to make sure that its air purifiers do no harm by having them tested by independent French laboratories.

The results of the tests demonstrate this harmlessness: indeed, our air purifiers do not emit any particles, VOCs, NOx, or Ozone while in use and they demonstrate excellent performances on pollutants typically present in air indoors.

The performance of EOLIS Air Manager was verified through the European Commission’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) programme.