Air quality specialists are needed now more than ever before.


NatéoSanté – French manufacturer of innovative air purifiers

NatéoSanté is a French company specialising in the design and manufacturing of air purifiers tailored to all business sectors: medical, hotels/restaurants, services, local communities, etc.
On the market since 2009, we have genuine expertise in the area of indoor air treatment.
Our aim is to provide our users with high-quality air to protect their health.

EOLIS Air Manager, a solution for all professionals


Innovation at the heart of our work

Our Health & Quality commitments
Our Research & Development team works every day to market innovative solutions to effectively combat indoor air pollution (pollution, allergies, odours, etc.) and offer devices tailored to all professionals.


Our Health & Quality commitments

NatéoSanté, a manufacturer of French air purifiers for professionals


Our air purifiers are designed, manufactured and fully assembled in France. They are also tested by an independent French laboratory.





NatéoSanté, a team of professionals at your service, on a daily basis.