NatéoSanté is the French specialist in indoor air quality and air purifiers. A key player in the market, NatéoSanté is the technological leader. Since 2009, the company has a real expertise and perfectly mastered the problems related to the air quality.

NatéoSanté provides you with effective solutions to fight against indoor air pollution.

Choosing NatéoSanté means benefiting from know-how and personalized advice. The company has already equipped thousands of individuals and professionals around the world. To fight against allergies, bad odors or pollution, trust NatéoSanté, we have THE solution.


“EOLIS AIR MANAGER meets all the needs of our French and international customers who want an innovative, high-performance, Made in France and eco-designed product! Its monitoring system combined with a high-quality filtration system make it a revolutionary product in the air purification market. On this project, we were fortunate to be accompanied by public bodies such as the Pays de la Loire Region, Business France, ADEME and also large industrial companies such as Airbus within the framework of a Pacte PME.”
Thierry Ricci, founder of NatéoSanté

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  • Avoid proliferation of viruses and bacteria
  • Purify the air of annoying odors (solvent, glue, ...)

Local Communities

  • Protect children from sources of indoor pollution
  • Avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria in your establishments

Beauty / Well-Being

  • Protect your employees from occupational diseases
  • Purify the air of your salons for the well-being of your customers

Hotels / Restaurants

  • Eliminate odors (smoke, cleaning products, ...)
  • Focus on air quality as a competitive advantage


  • Increase the performance of your employees by filtering the air from your offices
  • Reduce absenteeism by purifying air from pollution


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